Quantum Engineering

Theories and protocols in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) have been developed largely based on intuitions from classical physics. As quantum devices and signals play increasingly important roles, QIS will be indispensible to the emerging field of Quantum ECE. We are interested in investigating possible quantum advantages brought by QIS in a variety of topics including sensing/metrology/decision-making, digital-analog signal processing, and computer security.


Quantum Sensing and Metrology

We generalized quantum signal processing from spin dynamics to simulate continuous variable systems, and use it to design algorithmic quantum sensing protocols with much greater flexibility which achieves beyond the Heisenberg limit sensing capability for decision problems.

Our quantum signal processing interferometry protocol as a novel algorithmic framework for quantum sensing, in particular quantum decision, at the fundamental limits of quantum mechanics.


Quantum Digital-Analog Signal Processing

The hallmark of digital signal processing is Fourier transform and filter design. Envisioning a quantum future with an increasing demand of processing quantum signals and data, we seek to harness the power of quantum systems and computers for signal processing in the mixed digital-analog fashion.