Jan 7, 2024 I am teaching a new graduate-level course on Quantum Algorithms for Physical Sciences this coming semester at NC State! See here for more details.
Nov 22, 2023 Our paper on Single-shot quantum signal processing interferometry is posted on arXiv, where we proposed a general algorithmic framework, quantum signal processing interferometry (QSPI), for quantum sensing at the fundamental limits of quantum mechanics, i.e., the Heisenberg sensing limit, by generalizing Ramsey-type interferometry.
Aug 11, 2023 I am attending ACS Fall Meeting 2023 August 13-17 in San Francesco CA, giving a talk on quantum bootstrap embedding at the Quantum Computing for Tackling Challenges in Quantum Chemistry Symposium!
Jul 23, 2023 I gave a talk on quantum advantage in continuous-variable quantum sensing in the Quantum Sensing Gordon Research Seminar/Conference in Les Diablerets, Switzerland!
Apr 24, 2023 Our paper on a perturbative model for noisy quantum signal processing is published on Phys. Rev. A!
Mar 31, 2023 Our paper on quantum bootstrap embedding, where small quantum computers are harnessed to solve large electronic structure problems with quantum advantage, is published on JCTC!
Jan 14, 2023 Our paper on effcient fully-coherent quantum simulation of real-time dynamics is published on J. Chem. Phys.!
Sep 22, 2022 We are awarded the postdoctoral seed funding from the Co-Design Center for Quantum Advantage to explore novel ways of simulating molecular vibronic energy transfer using bosonic hardwares, together with experimental colleagues at Yale!
Sep 8, 2021 Our paper on an analytical construction of qudits from infinite-dimensional oscillators is published on Phys. Rev. A and is picked as Editor’s Suggestion!